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Morning Toast
Creek Club
     Barely Creek Brewing Company is the Pocono Mountains original brewpub.  We make great beer, right here. Take a tour of our brewhouse online or stop by the Creek for a real tour.  We’ve got a ten-barrel Peter Austin brewhouse with a copper-topped, brick brewkettle, mash tun, 360-gallon hot liquor back, and grist mill.  We have three lager fermentation tanks, four open fermentation tanks, eight bright beer conditioning tanks, and Firkins for cask conditioning brews.  

Tour the brewery
Stop by Barley Creek for a free tour of a working brewery.  All ages welcome.

Special tours
Can be arranged for your group.  .

Want a taste?
Free tastings after your tour for guests 21 and over.

1. Our grist mill cracks the malt. Next we hydrate the malt in our mash tun with heated water.

2. Starch from the malt is converted to sugar, and the liquid (called the wort) is transferred to the brew kettle.

3.  After the boil we transfer the hopped-up sweet liquid to one of seven fermentation vessels, depending on the style of beer we brew.

4. Lagers utilize a yeast that ferments from the bottom of the tank, while ales ferment from the top.  After the fermentation process, we transfer the beer to our conditioning tank for final clarification and carbonation.

5. Fresh beer is pumped directly from our serving vessels, through the taps and into your glass.

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